Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes and Ants - Oh my!

I've been what have I been doin'? Seeing gorgeous sights like this. This morning the woods were filled with the most beautiful mist.

"Surviving" an Earthquake. I was in the studio working when I felt the house shaking....then it got worse and then worse.....louder and louder. I thought it was the cats. I finally opened the door to find out what was happening. At some point I realized, "Oh my God, this is an Earthquake." The cats were scared - everyone hid under the bed or couch - except Dittle King and Meeble - they were too busy sleeping. Weird experience, a little scary, but still kinda cool.

Right now, we're preparing for a Hurricane. We'll see what happens with that.

And I've been dealing with ants.

other than that......

Seeing the answer to a prayer fly on in and then finding it double
(this is an old friend from the spring who has come back through with a friend on their way to ??
it's a funny bird called a Common Flicker yellow-shafted race....they eat ants!!)

Watching naughty little hummingbirds
who stick out their tongues
chase other hummingbirds relentlessly

Discovering new birds
(this is an Ovenbird)

Finding tiny turtles

Getting caught in God's web
and loving it

Traveling back to old places I've been
and finding them unused
& uncared for
& over-grown
& not as nice as what I have now

Visiting places of rest
and remembering that there are many sad stories out there
so I should appreciate the happy story I live

Inviting God to walk with me

Looking toward the light
(this is a juvenile robin)
(this is the time of year to watch for young birds of all kinds)

Fillin' my cheeks up with the Lusciousness of Life!


Then wakin' up and saying, "What the hell?"

Lookin' forward to lazy winter days
filled with napping in between watching movies
like Ghostbusters and Clue

Lookin' out the window 'cause there's so much to see

like lazy squirrels laying on their bellies while eating

and lots of signs of change on the way

which isn't always easy to embrace
when you want to freeze today because it's so wonderfully abundant.

Makin' art?
One day I'll catch up with myself long enough to share it all with you.

But mostly I've been hanging out in

you just don't know what's waiting for you around the corner....
it could be some really, really wonderful opportunity.
I bet it is.


ps: I'm not ready to let the cat totally out of the bag yet, but I will say regarding my previous post.....I'm working on a class....something really unique that no one else is doing. :)

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