Friday, April 26, 2013

Featured Film Short: Art Is My Religion OR How to deal with a Hater

So, here I am again with yet another of my ‘infantile’ videos as described by one of my ‘fans’ - otherwise known as A Magickal Meliss’s Stalker. 
Me thinks there must be a lot of people out there who like my infantile videos though, ‘cause every time I check my email.....another person subscribed to my channel.  :) (Thanks everyone!)

If you plan on doing anything of value in this life,
you need to know something......

On every level, there will be Haters.
And they will hate you because they hate themselves and their life.
And instead of having the wisdom and the courage to change that, they will direct their energy in a negative way towards you.
Because it’s all they know.
I bet that’s exactly how they were treated by the people who were supposed to be kind to them when they were ‘infantile’.
And let’s face it,
most people never grow out of their family patterns.

On Every Level there will be haters:
I’m not even anywhere near famous,
but I’m obviously important enough for this ‘chick’ to spend her time on me and everything I do. (since I’ve been blogging - 2009)
She checks my blog and watches my videos, all the while saying negative things about me and my work and my life.....
Very interesting phenomena there.
So, you see,
even if you’re a virtual ‘nobody’ - don’t you think for one second that there isn’t someone looking at your life with jealousy in their heart and turning that into hatred for you.
Jealousy is very common.
It is easy to feel the emotion of jealousy when we’re unhappy with our lives.
Even if it’s only certain pieces of our lives.
It doesn’t have to be the whole kit and caboodle.
Many of us are unhappy - even if we don’t say so or even if we claim not to be.
The only way out of it is to Love Our Own Life,
for everything it IS
AND for everything it is not.

What I discovered about success:

Success will cause some people to hate you.
Success will cause some people who already hate you to hate you more.
Success CAN cause you to not be negatively affected by either group.....
This is ONE of the reasons why we are afraid of success.

Realize this: 
Any President has haters.
Lady Gaga has haters.
Oprah has haters.
Joel Osteen has haters
Even Elmo has haters.           

If you try to do anything significant in this life,
and even some not so significant stuff,
you will experience haters.
They’ll come up with all kinds of reasons why it’s your fault, but The Truth is:

That person is unhappy and unfulfilled in their own life.
If you are happy and fulfilled,
that means you have what they want,
yet cannot seem to have.
That is a recipe for jealousy stew.
Flat out.
It’s a situation where jealousy is likely to rear it’s ugly head,
so to speak.
It isn’t the only possibility,
but it is one where the path is worn and easily followed by the unwary.

Instead of making healthy changes in our lives,
so we can find the happiness and fulfillment we deserve and desire,
it’s just so much easier to take it out on someone else.
Because if we were honest with ourselves,
we’d know,
We’re the reason We’re not happy.

My advice: 

Learn to accept it. :)
Learn to accept that some people will be your personal haters.
Once you accept it, you can then move into finding the joy of it.

No one wastes time on someone who doesn’t matter and no matter how many times that person says you don’t matter, as long as they are ‘following’ you around,
guess what......
That means you matter......
that means you are significant.
Let that put a smile on your face. 

Everyone wants to be loved because they think it proves that they matter.
No one Wants to be hated.
But the fact is, being hated proves the same exact thing.
So, look on the bright side of a negative situation.
Or, accept it as validation,
as Love.
Hatred = Validation = Worth = Love

In the future,
anytime you think you and your work are insignificant,
just remember these words:

I have a stalker,
No One in this world who has a stalker is insignificant.
If someone would spend their time and energy just to try to bother you,
You Matter. ;)

Oh, and it really helps to laugh at them......
I mean,
It’s mean to laugh at people. :)

What’s the good in being stalked if you can’t get a laugh out of it?
What’s a good part in any situation that you’re not happy about?  Finding what’s funny about it.  That’s why I am so glad I married a makes it so much easier.

Infantile, eh?

How many infants do you know that can do what I do?

If this is infantile.....I hope I never, ever become a grown up.

Hope you enjoy the video and learn something from my negative experience.
I did.

~here’s to child-like art~

PS: “Do you know the difference between a wise man and a fool?  The wise man learns from other people’s mistakes and the fool learns from his own.”  As heard from Beth Chapman on Dog and Beth On the Hunt       

Here’s to all those sweet, Sweet fools who think it’s good to learn from their own mistakes.

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Need some help liking your own art?
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