Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ghosts and Glitter

I'll spend my time,
In the place where ghostly girls
with eerie eyes
form slowly in the midst of music driving them into their own birth.

Time spent there,
gloriously so,
is medicine for my soul.
I exclaim,
I am so glad that I found myself
wandering around in my atmosphere.

I would croak if I saw a real ghost in the middle of the night in the mirror.
I have seen WAY too many ghost stories to be 100% confident in saying:

If I look in the mirror, at butt crack in the middle of the night, when I’m going to the bathroom, with only the light of my cell phone lighting my way.......
I’ll be alone
and nothing will pop up behind me
or in front of me
or in the background.......
WAY too many pictures of that in my head.
Darn me and my love of being scared!

But ghosts in my art......
I quoth Tangina from Poltergeist
“Welcome.  All welcome.”

Maybe I really got influenced by Jennifer Slept Here.

Doesn't matter.
Alls I know is
I love it.


PS: I am so glad that our FDA is no longer inspecting food.  AND more importantly, I’m glad our news announced that information to the world, including people who might want to poison our food supply.  Congratulations Government and News!  You both do a bang up job making our lives better.  BTW, I’m sure we have small pox somewhere.  We all should know where it is not being guarded......just so we can see how unsafe all this bickering and revenge is for those of us who are at the mercy of it.

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