Monday, December 9, 2013

A tiny story

Once there was a girl who wasted her time missing what she was headed back to.
When she remembered that,
she stopped missing it
and became about the work of her Life.

I send you “Crystal Visions” by The Big Pink from the soundtrack of Red Riding Hood.

And ‘misty, snow covered woods’ days.
I love snow at Christmas Time.

~Makes for Magickal, Magickal Happenings~

ps:  and lovely dreams........


  1. Thank you for the words and images you bring into my December day. May candle light warm you and birds' foot imprints in the snow bring you calligraphic greetings from the universe. Bless, Norma, x

  2. Found your link on Seth Apter's directory, and have been enjoying your art here. I'm also a cat fan -- and love the photos of your beauties.


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