Sunday, February 7, 2010

For Sandy

This is the earliest picture I took. See the junk mail in the background. The modeling paste in the hair. They are painted with CHEAP ( :) ) flesh colored acrylic paint.

Here I added the spirals like the talented Sharon.

Some shading done on the faces.

More shading.

Color added. Shading muted slightly with watered down flesh color.

close up of sister 2

close up of sister 1

first layer of color on their hair (which I think ended up totally covered - basically I was just getting an idea of where I wanted to go) *sorry these last two are so dark, it was the end of the day

close up

BAM! Apparently I didn't take many pictures in-between - but added more colors to the background, painted their hair, darkened their lips.

close up of the moon - painted it with cheap yellow acrylic and shaded with neocolors II in shades of blue and a little yellow and touches of white acrylic. Shaded around the moon with charcoal pencil smudged in.

Added their necklaces and painted their clothes

changed the color of their necklaces and darkened the spirals in the background with black sparkly gel pen

Added words on their clothes and added some shadow around them with charcoal pencil and smudged.

The almost final version you can see below. It's still not done yet. But one day it will be.



  1. <3 this..... thank you soooo much. It and our convo yesterday were sooo helpful, and I really do thank you for taking the time. Seeing this "in progress" was an awesome idea. xoxo

  2. love it!!!!
    you are sooooo talented melissa!!



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