Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A little of this and a little of that, but definitely lots of paint

I found some cute lil birdhouses and decided to do this

House #1

House #2

House #3

Here they are hanging out in my kitchen above the stove.

I also found some sturdy storage boxes on sale. The only thing is they looked like this.

Thank you, but no thank you Hannah Montana, you're pretty, but not who I'd like to see in my art studio. I bought them anyway because I knew I could make them look like this.............

My heart in my throat so it comes out first

I've also been altering more journals that I made a ca-jillion years ago.




The lilies are coming up. The trees are getting buds. It's nice enough to open the windows or go outside and read a book. Ah, I love spring!

~make some magick~


  1. Oh these are lovely! I especially like those little bird houses, ideal for Spring!

  2. I love what you did to Hannah Montana lol!!

    I also love the hair on your girls with a different colour on each side, great idea and as always LOVE all the texture you use!!!

    Micki x

  3. Beautiful ! The houses are so cute grouped together. I love that you painted over Miley ! ;) And those journals ---you gonna sell them ?
    I look at my sweet squares everyday and smile when I think of you, my friend, Magickal Melissa.
    Happy Tuesday !

  4. LOVE the bird houses! Especially #3. LOL, Hanna Montana box never looked so good!!!! It's gorgeous! And the redone journals are great too! Are they for sale? I love the first one, You make You....
    Your work is so you.....It generates such emotion. I cant say I love it enough. YaY you!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe all this loveliness. I adore those little bird houses - I think my favorite is House #3 with all the musical notes and, of course, the butterflies. And how you transformed that Hannah Montana storage box is AMAZING. The painting is astounding - the look on the girl's face is so powerful and I love the additional details like the butterfly and quotation running through her hair. Your altered journals are gorgeous, too. Thank you for so much outstanding eye candy today! I loved each and every piece here.
    :) Theresa

  6. hi! your houses are so adorable! and your painting is wonderful![as always!]

  7. You really choose words well. They were speaking to me. I enjoyed also all the beautiful colors and textures. "You make you!" Very cool. xo

  8. Melissa these are all so intensely beautiful!!! You're turning out so much amazingly awesome work and I'm so inspired by you! I have still not gotten a chance to read through your Artist interviews of February and I'm so behind by now on everything - March has been a real kicker for me. But I'm just so glad I got a chance to stop by tonight. Gosh, this is just the juiciest, loveliest stuff!! Thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday way back in the beginning of the month. And I'm so sorry it took me so long to come by. XOXO Serena

  9. So funny! I bought those same birdhouses the other day! You did such a beautiful job with them... and I just love the new and improved Hannah Montana box. Your color palette and textures are just stunning.

  10. my dear melissa thank you for your visit and for your wonderful words!
    from an artist like you this is really a compliment!!!

  11. Your artwork is gorgeous!! I love the birdhouses too!!!


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