Monday, March 15, 2010


Okay, I guess it's time to come back from my blog nap. Been doing some of this and some of that. I did finish off some of the paintings.

Here's one of the paintings I worked on during my nap. I really love the intense colors.

"Green" was on my mind.

Her see-through forehead and eye are pretty cool.

~Have a very magickal day~



  1. Wow wow wow ! Melissa...your art is just blooming. It is so amzing to see. I am loving the play and the looseness and the Melissa-ness of every piece. You are really in a good play with your art-ing, my friend !

    (Oh, and thank you so very much for your sweet mail gift ! I got it yesterday. I love them so much - every inch of their wonderful, bright, delightful arty selves !!!! My mantra word at Meditation last night was "delight" and when I got home, I got "delighted" by your sweet gift. Love it when that happens ! Thanks, my Magickal Friend !)

  2. You have been busy, these are lovely. Your work always lifts my spirits with it's beautiful use of colour! I like the girl with the windmill and the bird, very much.

  3. I've missed your posts! So, I am happy you are back. These paintings are SO amazing. I cannot even tell you which piece I love the most because they are all so beautiful. :) Have a sparkling day! Theresa

  4. WONDERFUL paintings! full of colour,joy and optimism! that's the way i love to paint and draw my journal pages...
    you are very talented!

  5. Very lovely! I loved how you incorporated the words (and had fun reading them). Beautiful.

  6. Such beautiful work! I especially loved "all will be forgiven." very beautiful and powerful. This totally inspires me to finish some things!

  7. Beautiful paintings my dear fairy friend! Thank you for your visits and well wishes! I appreciate you so very much!
    With love,


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