Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The bliss of washing a dish

This is a moment in time
captured by
and held in
our sometimes friend, Technology.
It is only part of the story.

Here is the rest.
the mystical sounding music playing,
the fresh breeze of an approaching storm,
the sun shining,
the curtains dancing,
the green of spring life,
the bird's twittering without having to use a computer.
and I, in the midst of it all,

That's when I re-realized......
i can never explain to you the wind upon my flesh
- how wonderful it feels
- the place it brings me to

It Is thee bliss
which Is All My Own.
and That Is Precious'ness at Its finest.
It Is thee rarest of thee rare.

This life is my personal nirvana,
where the wind whistling,
it's blowing so hard,
is a cupcake for the soul.

Yet it feels so warm and inviting.
No longer the bite of winter in its teeth.
What is it inviting me to?
Why Thee Party that Is my journey of course.

I feel I could absolutely DIE from the elation of It All.
So I hang onto every tiny morsel being fed me,
while leaves of the past rustle by.
They have not the strength to remain.
I stand in it.

And again understand how awe-filled it is that
no matter how hard i try,
i can never,
explain to you how serene this now is to me.

No rat race,
just texture and lace.
No working scheme,
a living dream.

And honestly,
i don't have to wreck myself trying to explain it.
Because truly,
it belongs to only me.

It's mine.
It's for me.
No one else can increase or decrease Its value
- only i can do that.

No person,
no magazine,
no tv show,
validates Me!
Or invalidates Me for that matter.
I matter because I matter to me.

I made a dvd of my videos.
It was so much fun
and I loved it so much,
it made me squeal.

Does it matter that only a few people will ever see it?
How come?
Because I saw it.
I already received the pleasure.
I don't require any more than that.
I used to.
I was very unhappy then.

So now, I remind me of this often:

Do not let the out~side validate, dictate, or choose the in~side.
Always remember....
it's the other way around!

Make art because it makes you.


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Need some help liking your own art?
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