Friday, April 1, 2011

Let me tell you a little birthday Dittle


Rowan today it's your Birthday!

Yum, that means I get Fancy Feast!

Yeah, but first let me tell you a dittle.

Mom, what's a dittle?

It's a little story all about you.

YAY for Rowan!

It goes like this,
When Rowan was a baby,
he came to live with us.

And he got to sleep wherever he wanted,

Yeah, except when you used to try to stop me
from sleeping on the back of the couch
by putting tape on it until you gave up.


and he got to watch tv,

Hey, can we watch the squirrel show today?

Yeah, later, Rowan...

and he got to watch the birdies
out the window

Ooo, can we watch the bird show too?

Yeah, Rowan, later, I'm telling the story....

and even though sometimes
we dress him up like Nana Rowan,

I hate it when Nana Rowan comes to visit.

he still loves us!

Yeah, I guess I do.

Mom, can we have treats?

And milk?

And catnip?

And grass?

My belly's hungry.

Happy 11th Birthday Rowan "The Dittle King" Ambrose

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