Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The last days of 39

The age, not the degree.  How fantastic is it when you can open every window in the house in November and not feel cold because it's so wonderfully warm out?  Life is lovely.

"Who are you?" Oprah asks.

Deepak Chopra answers, "Well, I've thought about it all my life and I've realized that I'm a spark of the Divine and so is everyone else.  That we limit ourselves by defining ourselves.  That if we go beyond the labels and definitions, all that's left is infinite possibility, infinite creativity, infinite intelligence.   And we are that 'til we squeeze ourselves into an identity which is the volume of body in the span of a lifetime.  We are way beyond that."

I love how he says, "All that's left is INFINITE Possibility, INFINITE Creativity, INFINITE Intelligence."  Yeah, that's big deal or nothing.  :)

I hope today you feel that Divine spark that is You.


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Need some help liking your own art?
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