Friday, February 28, 2014

featured film short: Accidental Mermaid

I called it Accidental Mermaid because I didn't know who she was until almost the end when I suddenly said to myself, "that mark i made in the hair earlier looks like a tail....especially with the diamond pattern which looks a lot like scales....she looks like a Mermaid."

And so she is The "Accidental Mermaid".

The music came together toward the end of production when I said, "Doesn't Kevin MacLeod have a Mermaid song???"  and he did.....gave the thing a whole different feeling.  Before that I was using something completely different and very 'Dan-O' because Dan-O did it.  Good for something else, most certainly I have some ideas already who to pair it with.  ;)  The Dan-O song added some pep and an island feel behind the snow.  Apparently it's possible to do that.  :) who knew?

anyways, I really like it and I hope it transports you somewhere really, Really Lovely.


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