Friday, February 21, 2014

i'm working & listening to this :)

hey chickie, i got your message but i don't remember your name (I am so bad with names).

She was, You were "impressed" and it tickled my heart and made me realize how amazing it was that those two characters showed up in that mirrored leaf impression (in regards to the film short Love makes dogs happy).  Really magickal.  I had created the impression with leaf soup.  i wish I had footage of what that is, but I don't - next time i make leaf soup, when there are leaves to do it with, i'll show you.  (*coming up next week i'll explain how I made the leaf impression.) 

anyways, I'm rambling.  The leaf imprints were there for weeks before I saw that cool guy (who reminds me of the little boy from  the cartoon movie "We're Back") and his beautiful Girl-Dog named Sprite, I guess, cause He's most certainly The Wanderer, but then again, maybe she's the wanderer.....???  So one day I picked up the book and flipped through it and just saw them there clearly.  That's the day I did the page. 

What she said, you said, made me realize that I Am talented, but i don't attribute seeing them to my talent.  I attribute it to my magick and my beliefs and me paying attention and my hours spent practicing my art.  I watched the video with new eyes and appreciated and loved it all over again.  :)  ~gratitude for your door opening~

I think it's also attributed to a book I got for Christmas 2012 - "Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals" by Carla Sonheim.  Her book mostly taught me that whatever I see, I should draw.  I should allow the animal being to BE who it is and to look the way it looks.  EVEN if that shape is TECHNICALLY incorrect.  There are many things that are 'incorrect' about what I've done.  The main two that try to bother me are that patch on the bottom of his jacket and how the black doesn't line up correctly AND two, and even more technically wrong, is that dog's leg!  technically, it 'SHOULD' line up with that 'bib' line where her fur is lighter in the front.  I'll probably get a thumbs down from some a-hole for it - LOL!  Back to my point, Carla Sonheim taught me that it's okay!  Let her leg be technically wrong because it is still visually pleasant.  She's pretty.  I wanted her leg to look long and lean.  hey maybe she's got boobs.  my dog had one  ;)  mind you it was a tumor, the poor girl, but still she had a nicely rounded chest on one side.  I gave her light colored circular eyebrows like my doggy, Samba had.

i'm rambing.  see, this is why i don't post much.  i have art journalling to dive into and i gotta pull myself out of this lovely internet pool.  ;)

that's some of my thoughts over the last few hours since I woke up. 

It's a misty, MISTY day.  here's a pic out my window.

thanks for your appreciation of my life's work.  i am grateful to be part of your positive experience on our wondrous Earth.  hey, do yourself a favor and notice some magick today...okay?  don't you love rhyming?


ps:  hugs back K

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