Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How I got the leaf impressions on the Love makes dogs happy page

I boiled them in Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda and water until they got all soft and smooshy.  Then I carefully pulled some out and laid them flat on my journal page and closed the book, squashing down on the top with my hands.  And wah-lah, when I opened it up, there was a colorful, ghostly picture of a leaf that once was.

These were green leaves I used too btw, but perhaps because it was late in the season a reddish color came out of them.  ??  As soon as the trees get leaves this year, I'm gonna experiment with the spring leaves.  What color do you think they'll leave (ha)?  This one was altered by the watercolor I used.

Try all different kinds of leaves, all different kinds of paper.  Use your art journal or just press it between two sheets.  Use the same leaf multiple times.

Originally I was making leaf skeletons - you boil them in the same stuff and then carefully remove the flesh with a brush in clean water until it 'leaves' just the skeletal structure.  I think there's a link about that on my pinterest board under Art Journalling.  Only certain leaves work for this.

But for the impressions, I think they all worked.  I even got some bamboo leaves from my artist friend, Addison.

~Happy experimenting~

Ps:  Ever make scrambled eggs for a raccoon?  Today, I did.  I went outside to feed the birds and heard a noise under the steps I just came from and saw a terrified raccoon.

Poor baby.  I'm glad they get scared and hide their faces thinking we can't see them anymore because I had to walk up those steps it was hiding right under to get back inside to call Deb Raccoon, as we call her, and ask her what to do.  She said it's probably just disoriented from hibernating and to make it a scrambled egg trail back to the woods.  I did.  I'm still waiting to see what happens.  It looks drunk the poor thing.  Deb Raccoon will take care of it if it needs help.  Thank you God for people like Deb Raccoon who care enough to help wild animals and people like me who are surrounded by them.  :)  It's hour 4 of raccoon watch........


  1. I really enjoyed watching the video "Love makes dogs happy", and I hope it's ok to ask a couple of questions. I think you are using a pencil (maybe soft) and a smudge stick, right? Also what is the paint? perhaps acrylic out of the lid of the tube or small pots of water color paint?
    I've watched 3 of your videos today, don't know how they slipped by me!

    1. ~Glad you enjoyed~ mechanical pencil and smudge stick, yup. acrylic out of the lid. only 3 huh? you're 30 or so behind! hee-hee

  2. I just read your reply to me, but for some reason I don't see my comment nor your reply here. Thanks for the response and, by the way, those 3 I mentioned are the ones I had missed!! I'd already seen all the rest :-)

    1. huh, I see it here..... ?? the mystery of computers. mistake...Thanks for watching all my vids! I appreciate it. happy weekend! :)

    2. I realized that I may have been a bit confused, because I noticed that there were more to watch than I thought. But I am taking care of that! :-)


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