Thursday, July 14, 2011

The La-boratory at Fern Hill Cottage: The Home of My Artistic Soul

First, a movie for your viewing pleasure.

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Do you think this room knew before I lived here
what it would become?

Or is Its life more like ours....



Pursuing our own self through time,

always one step behind,
until one day...

we Find ourselves,
Then Unfolding,
And Finally,
Revealing Thee True Nature of Being.

Then we can look at all these gathered up and collected bits,
and know...
This is what our insides look like,
and finally arrive at some appreciation
of the person we don't know we already are.

During my investigation, here's what I've found out about this room.

While it awaited creation,
it swirled around Thee Pool of Incandescence,
and imagined It's Self formed...

of gossamer bags filled with ghostly moon faces
married to bags filled with Time,

of glass jars overflowing with moss,

of dried gourds with hidden seeds just waiting to be shaken,

of flowers long ago bloomed,

of buds never opened
which dried into a beautiful form all their own,

of rusty stars leaned on green glass jars
filled with birch bark from a friend,

of luminous coins longing to be spent,

of herbal leaves lying behind oddities to admire,

of Chinese Lanterns to enlighten the way,

of feathers made of flight,

of fuzzies bristling in many directions,

of strange unknown pods gathered on a walk,

and of birds that freely sit in cages with doors wide open...

or not there at all.
(Because truly, caged birds make it sad. Me too.)

But mostly
I believe
It imagined Its Wondrous Self formed of Art of many varied kinds.

And when I finally realize all this,
I notice that the dusk has crept over the day.

And night brings her shroud of hush
around the world out~side of this space.
That is the time when the shadows begin their play,
About Adventure and Thee Loves of Luck.

And it gets darker and darker and harder to see
that is when this room reminds me of me...

I am color,

and I am words mixed with beautiful images,

and I am light and dark and all the I am~s in between,

and I am enchanted by nature,

and I am lead by an unknown intelligence
that never never ever leaves my side,

but most of all,
I am Art of many varied kinds.

So now it is proven,
We are not where we began 4 years ago.
Progress has been made.
But nor are we at where we end.
We are delightfully somewhere in the development of the idea of us,
me and my room,
and of the life we share together.



  1. truly magickal indeed! it always amazes me how your photographs compliment your written words so perfectly. there is a response, as if to a familiar song, that makes me smile and want for more. Thank You for sharing it with us! xo

  2. I LOVE your creative space! Your collection of nature is beautiful :) The color of purple that you have painted is very peaceful. I especially like the picture shooting out of the window with the green leaves and the purple wall. It must be so lovely to have a view like that! Thank you for sharing!


  3. I love your creative space and the story you wove around it!

  4. WOWWWW! So much magickal goodness!!! I really, really, REALLY enjoyed your movie. That was so well done. It's really nice to visit you again, after such an incredibly long time.

  5. I love it!! I could move in and be comfortable and creative right away.

  6. Very the written words on the wall....very brave!!!!

  7. Simply MAGICALLLLLLL!! Love it my friend! Thank you so very much for sharing with us! LOVE THE STORY!



  8. Beautiful poetry and pictures. You are truly a magical being. Thanks for sharing your creative space with me.

  9. I love your creative space. Your words along with your beautiful space makes it sparkle with magick.

  10. What a mystical and whimsical space, Meliss! You must be inspired everytime you walk in here!

  11. What a wonderful post! I love how your post is written. Your photos are beautiful and your room is truly magical.

  12. I am going to follow your blog. I love your space and the video was brilliant. Hugs Sara

  13. Hi Melis,
    WOW truly magical in everyway. I love what you said about evolving as we grow in our journey. It is so true. Looking back on my years of creating, I am very thankful things have changed. LOL

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful space.
    Happy Creating,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  14. You sure have an artistic soul indeed! It shows in your work. And your place...magical! I enjoyed it...(but couldn't view the movie, though). I'll visit again.
    Have a nice day!

  15. Yup. Magical indeed!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! It was really fun to visit!

  16. I love your colors and energy!!
    And I love, love, love the "Drama" warning!!
    Great photos!!

  17. Love the shade of purple you have used in your space - it is indeed magical! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. LOVE the purple!

    I hope you'll have time to visit my creative spaces!

  19. LOVE your girl paintings and that they are hidden in secret corners everywhere...such a fun blog ..i will be back!

  20. What a magickal world you've woven indeed! I love your collection of natural objects that you've collected and your movie is wonderful. You must have such joy being an artist.
    Thank you for sharing a part of your world and life. I enjoyed my visit.

  21. A true magical artist in word and action! I really enjoyed the utube video. I'd love to know more about the music you used for the video too! Perfectly whimsical and witchy!

  22. You truly are a very creative artsy soul. And I would have to say I love the color that comes out in your room.

  23. You have a magical space that reflects your creativity.
    I was drawn to the lavender wall and your thoughts to the future with the seed heads and pods.

  24. Hi!

    your space is so cute!

    You are very creative


  25. You are very creative, love the movie! Your artwork is awesome and your space is truly a wonderful and inspiring place to be!
    Margaret B

  26. We are all much better with a little magick in our lives!
    Thanks for sharing your magickal creative space...
    Beth P

  27. Cool space and wonderful creations. TFS!

  28. That was a marvelous visit.... thank-you!!

  29. You are a Creative soul and I love your creative space you've artistically put together! Love all the color! ;)

  30. An absolutely beautiful and magical place ~ thank you so much for sharing this with us all :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  31. I love the infusion of color and nature in your creative haven. Thank you for sharing.

  32. You had me at Fern Hill, my favorite poem. I've had it buzzing through my head this summer.

    Wonderful treasures beautifully displayed.

    Thank you for the tour!
    Warm regards,


  33. Thanks for sharing your special space in such a creative way. It has been fun visiting here.

  34. Love your use of color and words! Thanks for sharing your unique space. Kim

  35. A wonderous studio with a magical soul nourishing it. Your words are beautiful. I've enjoyed my visit and I'd love for you to pop in for a visit with me!

    Pink Sparkles for your day,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥
    Queen of Dreamsz

  36. Love all your color. Thanks for sharing---hugs--- sandie


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