Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Distorted and Recorded

I like that people demand videos from me.
I take it as a total compliment.
They like them so much,
they want more.
what can I say?
I’m tickled,
but not in the way that hurts.
I could allow myself to become overwhelmed because believe it or not,
I live a full and busy life with a hubby and a house and a clowder of cats and a body I have to take care of or it’ll rot out from under me apparently.

But today, while working on what I think is going to be my next film short,
I had this experience.....
Years ago, 
I had this thing with
She can’t walk,
but her flies.
Don’t know.
Caught my fancy while I was working and rang a bell for me.

Now, go 88 mph and get to today, air cold cause it’s a chilly November day.
While working,
I’m listening to a song by Natalie Imbruglia
on her white lilies island cd #11
and she is singing slowly
what sounds like

But Her Flies.

I heard her say it,
while filming
and remembered,
while filming,
when I said it.
And to whom I said it.
And then I reflected on how far away from those moments I am
and how much my artistic vision has grown
and how through diligent work,
I can do things now that I couldn't do then.
Wouldn't even have a clue then how to.

I am doing something right now that I had NO CLUE I’d be doing then.
I had little to no idea that I’d be working on a film short I am publishing online as part of my celebration of my 41st Birthday.
No clue of that.
I was probably too busy being sad.
Because I wasn’t here.
Or because I was alone.
But now I am here.
And still alone.
And I now appreciate every thing that past me contributed to us arriving here in this space in time.
Because now is really really kool.

Now, the only thing is do I want to see it all as coincidence?

Or am I choosing some form of magick?

Oh, easy peasy!!
Magick is so much more fun than coincidence.
Coincidence gets blown off.
Magick blows you away.
I like being spiritually blown away.
But I hate it when my hair goes in my face......


Ps:  Natalie also just said "You pulled me out of the past and landed me in today, Hurricane."  Interesting idea, eh?  makes me think:  Winds can be rough or they can be light.....the one I sent you is Light....and full of Wonder-Full wishes for you and for me.


  1. Happy Birthday
    deep thinker!
    Mine is tomorrow.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I love your writing flow and the companion images. Its my first visit here, but I can tell I want to see your film!! So glad I popped over here from AEDM!


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