Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Draw like the Devil!

~Oh, I don't care if it's November!~
(I can say that because truly,
I love November
because it's wonderful
and happens to be my birth month)

I already miss Halloween.
Being sick in the fall sucks.
Time is sucked up with resting, resting, resting.
Zombie-fied in one way or another.

But resting is lovely......
a nap with a cat on the couch cures a lot of stuff too.

I like Zombie Me.
She's lovely and magickal.
She's a super good draw-er.
Wait until I show you later this week what I discovered that she drew.

Speaking of drawing,
I also like this Zombie Chick.
She's fantastical.
And she easily enchants with her cool punk rock hair
and her crooked shoulders
and her vest
and her stripped arms
and her patched together, beautiful face.

Like a female Alice Cooper.....
I gotta break out the tape player and listen to 'Welcome to My Nightmare' !
Like I did several autumns back when I started Time Travelling.
How do I Time Travel?
It of course has to do with going 88 mph and coming out air cold.
But the rest I don't understand.

I know lots of beautiful Zombies whom are easy to Love.
Don't you?


Ps:  it delights my heart to delight yours!


  1. love the zombie sketch and all the imagery in your words. A female Alice Cooper... i see it now! xox

  2. I love your enchanting, mackical zombie!

  3. Total descriptive of how I feel today....when you mentioned Alice Cooper...I thought of Rob Zombie's Living Dead Girl tune...

    1. ah, interesting...and I am receiving new music for my birthday....so I'm on the look out for new theme songs for my life's soundtrack. Will check out Rob Zombie Living Dead Girl.......sounds like I could get some kick ass art from it. ;) Thanks!!


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