Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If you knew

Continuing from a previously undisclosed conversation:

So anyways,
IF you knew what was going on in my life,
IF it was Your life,
perhaps you would have been frozen in multiple layers of development
as I was.
Like a deer in headlights.
And Unsure.
Forever battling that invisible dragon......
dragons have been showing up lately.

In my magickal world,
now I turn my head to the side
looking out the La-Boratory’s side window
and see deer in the woods.

I can’t tell you when the last time I saw deer in the woods was.

But I can tell you I just mentioned deer and they showed up.

I can tell you I talked about looking out the window in time to see an animal die happening to me twice.
And then it happened again!

I can tell you the hubby and I talked about Kathy Griffin’s ex-boyfriend.
And then we saw him on a small blurb on The Big Bang Theory.
Sheldon saw him in a restaurant!

I can also tell you that we talked about Mookie keeping his butt down in the litter box.
And then he peed high.

I can also also tell you that we talked about how the bunny hadn’t pooped on the floor in so long.
And then it did!!

The hubby might say - Is this magick sh*t?

and I would say,
Yeah, it was.

MAN, I gotta be careful with what I say!!
Because it just might happen.

same is true for you.


ps: I just saw my first snow of the season! Technically speaking, so minute it probably didn’t matter. (what a stoopid thing to say when I just told myself to watch what I’m saying, lol) BUT, I saw snow today...... and for me.....snow and magick go hand in hand.......


  1. i totally totally get it. i'm bad about saying the wrong thing and then bad stuff happens. i'm trying to do better. and snow...oh snow... i love love snow and want it here! :-)
    love & blessings

  2. A lovwely post, except for seeing animals die. But you described it in lovely words.

    Now you have me thinking more carefully before I speak, sensoring my thoughts as well as my words, and noticing coincidences.

  3. funny how the universe works sometimes, right?

    i've been visiting your blog…i love your drawings….and, of course, your cats!! they look adorable!


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